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Restful weekdays in Magita Hotel:

  Would you like to escape from the monotony of work? Do you crave rest and relaxation? Would you like some time when you have nothing to worry about? Come to us and we will ...

Nagy Peti:

Kedves - kedves Magita csapat! Minden nagyon kedvünkre való volt. Nem ígérek nagyot, ha azt mondom, még visszatérünk! Gratulálunk, nagyon vendégközpontú, családias a légkör, minden szép és igényes.




Magita Hotel in pictures

"A picture is worth a thousand words." And we love to talk about Magita Hotel both in words and in pictures.
If the information you have read on our site leaves you in any doubt as to the perfect relaxation here, then now is the time to be convinced by the pictures.



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Magita Hotel - A place calling and expecting you back!