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Restful weekdays in Magita Hotel:

  Would you like to escape from the monotony of work? Do you crave rest and relaxation? Would you like some time when you have nothing to worry about? Come to us and we will ...


"Csodálatos környezet! Figyelmes és kedves személyzet. Nincs lehetetlen kérés! Szép élményekkel ,és pihenten tértünk haza és lehet pár kiló plusszal is az ottani finom ételeknek hála! Köszönjük szépe...





If you have any questions, please call us so we can answer them. If you have no questions, then we have succeeded in presenting Magita Hotel to you. So please call us and we can reserve your accommodation in good time and prepare for your arrival.



Magita Hotel - A place calling and expecting you back!