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  Would you like to escape from the monotony of work? Do you crave rest and relaxation? Would you like some time when you have nothing to worry about? Come to us and we will ...


Szép az oldal!B.RÉKA





Stimulating and dynamic product presentations, dreamy weddings with a wild reception, or full-day inspiring team building programmes? Magita Hotel is at your service for whatever you need. You just need to bring the people

we will take care of the rest.


Our conference room accommodating 50 people is the perfect venue for health and business conferences, impressive meetings. We take care of the infrastructure, the pogácsa (Hungarian scone) and drinks.



Let's suppose that soon you have to organise a two-day conference for fifty people - with accommodation, full board and quality evening entertainment. Every one of those invited is important to you, so you need professional services of a high standard. Where should you hold the conference?

a.) In an city hotel? Where the guests become lost in the crowded hall? Where they can dodge out of the presentations because they can be at home within ten minutes? I don't think so.

b.) In a sweet rural bed and breakfast? Which is full with just four guests and Mari, a true country woman, uses an antiquated coffee maker in her kitchen? That's no good either.

c.) An impressive rural hotel where the staff have plenty of experience serving at conferences? Where everything is in its right place at the right time from the projector to the refreshements? Where you and your guests will be waited on and entertained from morning till night? Yes. You must choose this.

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