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Restful weekdays in Magita Hotel:

  Would you like to escape from the monotony of work? Do you crave rest and relaxation? Would you like some time when you have nothing to worry about? Come to us and we will ...


A szüleimnek sikerült megnyernem egy pár napos pihenést ebben a csodálatos környezetben lévő szállodában. Elmondásuk szerint kifogástalan a hotel, az étterem, a fürdő, a személyzet is segítőkész volt. ...





In Magita Hotel long-forgotten treasures and competition-winning wines of years ago are spread on the table. If you love steaming, golden soups and fragrant meats that stroke the tongue or sweet-scented desserts, then it is time

to book your room!

Gastronomy in Magita Hotel

Have you felt the unique harmony of tastes between Tokaj aszú wine and grilled goose liver?
Have you experienced the heavenly scents of the ox turning on the spit?
What would you say to a dinner after a traditional pig killing?
When did you last eat freshly baked bread?
At ours you can try all those delicacies that, unfortunately, are increasingly lacking in busy lives and unhealthy foods.

Gastronomy in Magita Hotel

Magita Hotel - A place calling and expecting you back!