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  Would you like to escape from the monotony of work? Do you crave rest and relaxation? Would you like some time when you have nothing to worry about? Come to us and we will ...


"Először jártunk itt, de az biztos, hogy nem utoljára! Bőséges étlap, finom ételek, szép környezet, a pincérek udvariasak, figyelmesek voltak! Nyáron visszatérünk!"




Leptschanka & Co

The world of tastes and flavours where such delicacies await you as crispy mangalica ribs roasted in the oven, rosemary leg of duck with red cabbage and onion mash.

Sounds great, doesn't it? Well, what are you waiting for...

Leptschanka & Co

Are you familiar with rural hospitality? Generous portions, country tastes and superb smells that all increase one's appetite? Imagine all that combined with the masterpieces of expert chefs, their first-class poetry of dishes and a wonderful world around you. Got it? Amazing, isn't it?



Now take a look at our food gallery, or flick through our menu.

Leptschanka & Co

Crispy mangalica pork ribs roasted in the oven with sauerkraut sztrapacska

On winter evenings of days gone by the women of Erdőbénye roasted the autumn mangalica pork in the wood ovens, basting the meat with a tasty garlic marinade, cooking it till it was crispy. They fried 'trodden' cabbage (sauerkraut) in the pig's fat with onions - adding sztrapacska (potato dumplings) according to the good old Hungarian tradition - and then served the crispy pork on top.

Bénye lepcsánka layered with smoked ribs and ewe cheese, with three onion sauce

Based on our grandmothers' ancient recipes the excellent Bénye potato is grated, kneaded with flour and fried in the fat of the pig killed in autumn. This potato cake is then piled with ewe cheese from the local organic farm and smoked pork ribs and brought to your table with red and purple onion and leek sauce for you to eat - with gusto.

Heritage of Maid Magita

A legend preserves the memory of her famous deeds - and so this food became her heritage. They took the breast meat of the pullet, filled it with prime smoked pork and the king of smoked cheeses. While it was cooking in the frying pan, they prepared a sauce from wild pear. So this became the princely food today whose sweet taste today evokes no other than the beautiful Magita.

Erdőbénye plate of plenty

We would like to treat you with the several delicious foods we arrange on this plate. On the plate: half portion of steak, half portion of grilled pork mignon wrapped in bacon, a whole portion of breaded chicken breast filled with apple and smoked cheese, deep fried mushrooms, breaded cheese, and served with garnishes: chips, steamed vegetables and jasmine rice.



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