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Restful weekdays in Magita Hotel:

  Would you like to escape from the monotony of work? Do you crave rest and relaxation? Would you like some time when you have nothing to worry about? Come to us and we will ...


Az ételek ízletesek, finomak. A szakácsoknak csak gratulálni tudok! A pincérek kedvesek, udvariasak! Szép környezet! Csak ajánlani tudom mindenkinek!





Tickling sunshine, crystal clear air and a quiet so calming that city dwellers have maybe never heard it.

What else do you need for restful relaxation?

Sauna, jacuzzi, effervescent bath? THERE ARE!

Fantastic food, wonderful wines? THERE ARE!

The feeling that you are a most honoured guest? THERE WILL BE!

Come and let us prove it!

Relaxation in Magita Hotel

Today you decide you will discard all your everyday stress - and recover. You grab a shirt, swimming trunks and rush to the pool. You adjust the sun lounger and wave to the waiter: "Bacon and eggs, and a glass of ice tea please," you say and lie back down. You take out the adventure novel you started yesterday, make yourself comfortable and then exhale deeply.

Finally a peaceful day. This is Magita!


Relaxation in Magita Hotel

Magita Hotel - A place calling and expecting you back!